EcoCycleSolutions announces CanCoverIt line of insulation products

EcoCycleSolutions introduced its new line of CanCoverIt air sealing and insulation products Tuesday, which were designed to address safety and energy efficiency challenges in the industry.

The covers, made from FSK-faced fiberglass wallboard, are built to seal openings between the home and the attic and can be implemented around light fixtures, bathroom fans, speakers and more. CanCoverIt promises relative ease and quickness of installation in addition to performance quality.

"When I started developing CanCoverIt over two years ago, I realized there was a lack of awareness and a great deal of confusion on how to safely seal and insulate around recessed light fixutres," said founder and president David Hanacek. "As homeowners were attempting to upgrade the efficiency of their home, the lack of awareness and confusion prevented them from realizing the full benefit from their energy efficiency upgrade, and in some instances created safety issues. My goal with CanCoverIt was to make it easy and cost-effective for a homeowner or a contractor to address both concerns at the same time."

CanCoverIt will be available individually on Amazon and on the company website. Full case quantities will be available through insulation distribution outlets listed on the EcoCycleSolutions website.

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