Eco Red Shield waves Made-in-USA flag

Eco Building Products is pushing for an even deeper commitment to Made in USA with its signature Eco Red Shield Lumber product.

Though the protected lumber is already being produced around the country, the company's technical team is now blending the final constituent of the Eco Red Shield formulation in the USA.

"It is our opinion that this is just another step in raising the bar even higher in our quality controls, achieving superior results in every step of our blending process, separating us from anyone trying to even get close to our combined formulation, for years," read a company statement. "We take pride in producing everything that goes into our Intellectual Property right here in America, as it has been our goal since inception, that our red lumber will one day be recognized as the true American Brand of Lumber."

"I'm proud to lead this Eco Team of brilliant minds as we all unite in support of raising the bar on all wood treatments," said president and CEO Steve Conboy. "ECOB is insuring that American wood framed buildings lead the world as the best choice in support of climate changes, building defensive on all fronts from lumber protection to preservation of engineering values."

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