Eco Red Shield receives Certificate of 'Material Excellence'

Eco Building Products has announced that its Eco Red Shield protected lumber has been recognized for 'Material Excellence' and selected for inclusion into Material ConneXion's global material library. 

ECOB's material submission included physical samples that were sent to every Material ConneXion location worldwide.

The company has received a number of inquiries from builders around the world for inclusion of Eco Red Shield coatings into planned construction projects thanks to its inclusion in the Material ConneXion's library. 

"As we continue to work diligently in the planning and engineering phases revolving around rebuilding efforts for the heavily hit northeastern U.S., recognition by Material ConneXion and their global material library will only increase the awareness and exclusive benefits of this technically advanced building material,” said Steve Conboy, president and CEO, Eco Building Products. 

Founded in 1997, and acquired by SANDOW in 2011, Material ConneXion is a global materials consultancy that offers access to membership-based materials libraries with more than 6,500 advanced and sustainable materials.

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