Eco Red Shield Lumber creates alternative in wildfire-prone areas

Eco Building Products has sold another full house package of its Eco Red Shield protected lumber to TR Wurster Construction Inc. for a high-end custom project in Beverly Hills. Eco Red Shield is the standard in TR Wurster's projects, and it is positioning itself to gradually replace high-risk lumber in regions of the country that are particularly vulnerable to fire and mold.

Eco Red Shield Lumber is a treated wood product with a Fire Retardant Coating and added protection against mold, fungus, rot and termites.

"Eco Red Shield Lumber is showing up in markets similar to the way certified organic vegetables have now taken over every market place around the whole country," said Steve Conboy, president and CEO of Eco Building Products. "It is a matter of time before Eco Red Shield shows up in the retail big-box shelves, making it harder for the big production builders to ignore the mold-related problems showing up in America's new residential communities."

According to Conboy, Los Angeles and its surrounding communities have already maxed out their yearly firefighting budget, and the wildfire-prone region expects more to come this season. Most recently, 150 homes were evacuated Monday near Yosemite after powerful winds spread a wildfire across 1,600 acres, the L.A. Times reported.

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