Eco Building Products sets sights on brushfire-prone Australia

Eco Building Products is expanding its market to Australia, with products hitting the shelves potentially before the end of the year via its Australian affiliate and sales agency, Eco Red Building Products Australia PTY LTD.

The company cited the country's significant termite problem and the impending Australian summer, known for its brushfires and hot, dry climate, as a motivating factor in this strategic expansion.

"Australia has had its share of devastating events caused by fires, and we are very excited about introducing Eco Red Shield protected lumber products to this market," said Shawn Simmons, operations manager at Eco Red Building Products Australia. "We are certain that these products have the potential to protect many properties and lives, and are confident that the authorities also recognize the need."

"We see a huge demand in Australia for ECOB's range of defensive products," added Damian Bartholomeusz, manager of finance & regulations in Australia. "Through ECOB, we see that we can educate the community that there are cost-effective solutions now available, capable of preventing and managing these seasonal disasters and the associated costly damage in their own back yard."

Steve Conboy, president and CEO of Eco Building Products, Inc., said the company plans to create demand first while determining where to set up the first coating facility.

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