Eco Building Products partners with CorWorth Building Systems

Eco Building Products (ECOB) has signed a binding Memorandum of Understanding with CorWorth, a Texas limited liability company and its affiliates, including Restroom Facilities and others. This formal agreement between ECOB and CorWorth represent an exclusive nationwide marketing and sales arrangement for a limited scope use, and provides a niche market use of ECOB's protected lumber, logo and product identity.

CorWorth bids on municipality contracts across the nation and will now specify Eco Red Shield protected lumber on all bids moving forward. CorWorth specializes in the design, manufacture, delivery, and monitoring of high-quality modular buildings.

"CorWorth is excited about our affiliation with Eco Building Products," said Howard Worthing, president of CorWorth Building Systems, "to be named as the exclusive provider of Eco Red Shield and other Eco products used for the manufacture and construction of public restrooms and related buildings for the Parks & Recreation industry.

“The Eco Building Products allow us to provide competitively priced wood-framed buildings that have all the advantages of concrete with all the flexibility of design, construction, and features only achievable using wood-frame construction. These lighter-weight buildings are much faster to construct than concrete, and now thanks to Eco, are also resistant to moisture damage, insect damage, and fire, coupled with our rigorous construction techniques; they are as durable as concrete."

It is expected that CorWorth will spend a significant amount of time and money promoting ECOB products on the CorWorth website, attending various tradeshows, conducting continuing education classes, and through their concerted efforts in specifying Eco Red Shield protected lumber products for all projects sent out to bid. 

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