Eco Building Products helps Sandy victim

Eco Building Products, Inc. is shipping another whole-house defensive house pack to Julie Kellner, who lost her home in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., during Hurricane Sandy.

The pre-cut house comes with roof and floor trusses and will be the first Eco Red Shield home constructed in the region as part of the rebuilding effort.

"After a tumultuous 11 months since the Sandy super storm hit, I've been able to experience my first signs of progression towards moving back into my home," said Kellner. "After learning more about ECOB and the defensive lumber they have to offer, I would never think of trusting anything else. The peace of mind this lumber will offer me throughout the many storms to come to the Jersey Shore is priceless. I am extremely enthusiastic about being the first Eco Red Shield home going up on the Jersey Shore. I plan on holding open houses to show everyone the difference between a defensive home built with Eco Red Shield, versus a house built with ordinary raw lumber."

Eco Building Products recently initiated full-scale production at its newest Eco Red Shield coating facility in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, allowing for localized production to meet the needs of the affected rebuild region. The lumber remains readily available for purchase throughout the tri-state area.

"At ECOB, we targeted the Sandy rebuild last fall as we deployed in response to help those in need, knowing that one day this rebuild and government assistance would eventually show up," said Steve Conboy, president and CEO. "Since we have been and currently are involved in this rebuild in New Jersey and New York, we have been receiving correspondence about the Jersey Shore burning with everyone asking the same question. 'If they built with Eco Red Shield, would this be happening?' It is amazing to see that the point of origin for yesterday's fire initiated the rapid spread of fire so quickly to the surrounding wood framed exposures. In my opinion, had the wood framed structures been built with advanced framing lumber coated with Eco Red Shield yesterday's fire performance could have been contained within the point of origin."


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