Eco Building Products expands its production capabilities

Eco Building Products, Inc. is beefing up its production through the purchase of additional automated coating equipment and the use of a currently operational facility in Augusta, Ga.

The increased production capacity will help boost panel production to meet increasing big box demands, especially in the Northeastern U.S, the company said.

"The demand in the northeast started with one house, and today we are positioned with multiple coating lines and affiliate production facilities to support that market," said president and CEO Steve Conboy. "More recently, Eco sold a whole-house pack into Omaha, Nebraska and already the supply chain is calling for Eco Red Shield protected lumber. In the Pacific Northwest, Eco's Salem facility remains fairly busy with lumber distributors like Shelter Products and Blazer Industries sending product in for coating services to support production jobsites in Texas, Colorado and pre-fab buildings heading off-shore into Hawaii."

The company will also refurbish an existing production line under the provisions of its quality control program. The line is outfitted with pre- and post-conditioning tunnels for added quality.

"We are expecting the same in the south as we are getting calls from distributors already," added Conboy. "Once we raise the Eco Flag in the south, it is certain that the market will come to Eco for coating services because we are convincing the lumber industry Eco is the best in the business and here to stay."

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