Drain product employs Grip-n-Rip approach


Houston-based PF WaterWorks introduced the DrainEASY No Clog Bathtub Drain Replacement Stopper to eliminate trapping of hair and build-up of clogs in the bathtub drains.

The DrainEASY product eliminates slow and clogged bathtub drains with patented Grip-n-Rip clog prevention technology. DrainEASY Stopper replaces the standard bathtub drain stopper with a unique design that captures and rips the hair that would normally go down a drain and cause a clog. This reduces the possibility of long hairs collecting in the trap and other places. DrainEASY Stopper operates by a simple push of the hand or foot, and require no outside power source.

As a result, the possibility of hair build-up down the line is reduced and ripped hairs easily flow through the drain eliminating the need for additional maintenance with plumbing snakes, dangerous drain cleaners, messy disassembly and associated health, safety and environmental concerns.

This new 'Green by Design' plumbing fixture provides a common sense tool to reduce the time, effort and money needed for property maintenance. By eliminating the need for heavy, ecologically unfriendly chemicals and acids, the fixture helps add value to green building projects. 

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