The door knob takes on new life

Through Lowe's, Hampton Products introduces a Brinks Home Security "Push-Pull-Rotate" door knob and lever.

The Brinks Home Security brand of door handles, produced by Hampton Products, is introducing a new line of Push-Pull-Rotate knobs and levers that enable people to open their doors even when their hands are full. 

“Americans have been turning knobs the same way for 135 years," said Julie Ernest, senior director, door hardware, Hampton Products. "The Brinks Home Security engineers have created an easier way for busy families to simply push or pull their way through a door, saving time and effort, and enabling people to literally open doors with their hands full. Whether you’re carrying groceries or your hands are dirty from working in the yard, the Push-Pull-Rotate knobs and levers make it easy to open the door.”

Available at Lowe’s and, the Push-Pull-Rotate line of door handles are constructed with thoughtful design features to deliver a durable product, while maintaining a stylish look and feel. Various finishes, including satin nickel and polished brass, are available. Knobs and levers are for both interior and exterior doors, with matching deadbolts.

The Push-Pull-Rotate knobs and levers are priced from $24.97 for basic interior door knobs to $54.97 for an exterior door handle and deadbolt set.

Push-Pull-Rotate knobs and levers feature durable, all-metal construction with cylindrical chassis, as well as hidden screws for enhanced appearance. Additionally, flat areas on the surface of the knobs and levers allow for maximum comfort when pushing.


- 3:45 AM
emccoy says

It looks fantastic. I also heard about copper door knobs. These are very affordable. Companies like use a 3d metal printing technique which gives amazing design.

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