Dolan recalls 8,000 ceiling-mounted light fixtures

Dolan is recalling its defective light fixtures, citing fire and electric shock hazard.

Dolan Designs has recalled approximately 8,000 of its Ceiling-Mounted Light Fixtures, citing fire and electric shock hazard.

The socket wire insulation has displayed a tendency to wear and expose charged wires, which allows electricity to pass through to the fixture's metal canopy. Two incidents have been reported, with no injuries as of yet.

Specifically, the recall applies to round ceiling-mounted light fixtures 14 inches in diameter and 5.75 inches high, with two sockets marked "BO AN" that take 75 watt bulbs. Model numbers include 502-30, 522-09, 522-14, 522-18, 522-22, 522-30, 522-32, 522-60, 522-78, 5332-133, 5372-66, 5372-78, 5382-20, 5382-55, 5382-100 and 5392-20, all of which can be found on the inside of the fixture pan when the glass shade is removed.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging consumers to stop use and return the light fixtures for a free replacement, or to contact Dolan Designs directly for a free in-home repair.

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