Dog poisoned after chewing house palm

The poisoning of a golden retriever has brought attention to warning signs -- or lack thereof -- on plants that can kill pets.

A golden retriever in Dublin, Ohio, is dying of liver failure after its owners bought a Sago Palm in a local home improvement store, according to a report by NBC4-TV

The dog’s owners, Beth and Dennis Radcliff, said the 1-year-old dog, named Francine, chewed up the potted plant, which looks like a miniature palm tree. According to the website of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, just one seed from the plant can kill an animal.

Francine suffered liver failure, and doctors reportedly gave the dog only several weeks to live. 

The Radcliffs have complained that the palm had no warning tags on it. The store, which was not named, and plant distributor were friendly at first, according to the Radcliffs. But the couple has since received a letter denying any claims or changes with how the plant will be tagged, according to the report. 

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