Do it Dollars help spread the wealth

Loyalty for dealers and consumers factors into October market offerings.

Indianapolis -- In addition to merchandise and networking, the Do it Best Market included opportunities for the co-op to promote some of its key programs to its member base.

Chief among them is the co-op’s consumer-friendly rewards program called “Best Rewards. “If there's one program for you to embrace in 2014, I hope that Best Rewards is at the top of your list,” said CEO Bob Taylor during his shareholders meeting address. “It’s that powerful.” 

The concept of loyalty was also directed at members with a new program, encouraging them to boost buying through Do it Best -- in addition to the annual rebate. 

The Do it Dollars program rewards members with currency that applies to advertising programs, store redesign programs and travel to the market, among other business-building services, said Tim Miller, VP marketing. Members earn Do it Dollars by increasing year-over-over warehouse spending. A percentage of the delta is given back to the dealer in the form of Do it Dollars, redeemable for co-op services.

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