DiggersList.com joins social media trend

DiggersList.com — the online classifieds described as a Craigslist for home improvement — is borrowing from the playbook of popular social networking sites. In June, the site introduced a new program, offering features that it said are similar to those found on Facebook, Twitter and Groupon. 

With the new program, users will create “storefronts,” personalized pages that display items for sale by category, and will also be able to follow other “storefronts” and be notified of new deals on the site with a “follow the deal” button. Additionally, the “storefronts” program will allow storefront owners to send coupons to their followers. Consumers will be able to receive deals on the products they want, without having to look through listings that do not interest them. In addition, each storefront will receive its own custom URL, which the owner may use to advertise across other business websites. 

“Our intention is to allow users to engage with each other, and to have access to deals they are interested in, without damage to small businesses,” said Matt Knox, CEO of DiggersList. He added that so far the “storefronts” program has met with a very positive response, with storefront owners already beginning to advertise on various websites.

The new program does not yet allow private businesses to set up “storefronts,” but is expected to open for private businesses by this fall.

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