DeWalt unveils tote as two-in-one storage solution

24-inch Tote with Power Tool Case

DeWalt has announced the introduction of its 24 Inch Tote with Power Tool Case. The two-in-one storage solution allows contractors to easily store power tools, hand tools and accessories -- like drill bits, nails and screws -- in the power tool case, which also functions as a lid. For internal storage customization, the tool case has a removable divider that stores larger items in the bottom of the tote, helping to eliminate the need for multiple tool bags.

For trouble-free transportation around the job site, the tote is equipped with a reinforced metal handle that allows for an easy grip and enables the unit to carry a maximum load of 70 lbs.

“Our new storage solution offers contractors a means of organizing, sorting and transporting their tools from one job site to the next,” said Naama Eylon, storage commercialization manager. 

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