DeWalt launches small angle grinder shrouds

DeWalt has launched Small Angle Grinder Shrouds designed to help control dust associated with concrete cutting and grinding applications.

“We recognize that we have a role in helping to make job sites as productive as possible,” said Jeremy Torok, group product manager, DeWalt. “We also realize our role in helping to improve job-site safety."

To address the dust control, DeWalt has introduced a surfacing shroud and a cutting/tuck pointing shroud.

The 5-in. Surfacing Shroud is designed for contractors specializing in remodeling, restoration, painting, flooring, and concrete forming and finishing. The shroud has tool-free adjustment and wheel removal features, as well as a rotating edge door allowing for flush edge grinding. The 5-in. Surfacing Shroud will be sold independently (MSRP of $69) or as a kit containing the shroud, a small angle grinder, 5-in. diamond turbo cup wheel and universal vacuum hose connector (MSRP $199).

The 5/6-in. Cutting/Tuck Pointing Shroud (MSRP $129) is ideal for restoration contractors, brick masons, water proofers, tuck pointers and general contractors. The product features a tool-free tool clamp allowing for adjustments without a wrench or screwdriver, as well as a 1.75-in. depth of cut for a wide range of uses. The 5/6-in. Cutting/Tuck Pointing Shroud will be sold independently or as a kit containing the shroud, a high-performance small angle grinder, diamond sandwich blade and universal vacuum connector (MSRP $249).

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