DeWalt launches new line laser

Three-Beam Line Laser

DeWalt has launched its new Line Laser, which features multiple design enhancements to improve productivity on the jobsite. 

The DW089K is for professionals tasked with residential and commercial applications, such as installing cabinets, drop ceilings, chair rails or doors and windows. The Line Laser can also be used when installing floor and wall tile or mapping wall layout.

“Contractors are increasingly using lasers to improve their productivity, and according to our research, many professionals want a line laser that assists with layout work,” said Ward Smith, product manager, DeWalt. “The third vertical beam that our new unit offers, aids in layout applications to solve many of the common frustrations our users experienced. This feature coupled with several other key advancements is sure to make the DW089K a leading line laser in the marketplace.”

The DW089K features a second plumb line that forms a 90-degree intersecting line on the floor and ceiling. This third vertical beam allows contractors to use the tool for layout applications without the need for a second laser, saving time and allowing users to be as productive as possible.

The product is expected to retail for approximately $329.00, and it will come with a kit box and four AA batteries that will provide a minimum of 30 hours of runtime.

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