DeWalt launches its first line of hand tools

DeWalt's new utility knife.

Towson, Md.-based DeWalt is launching a line of hand tools that will hit the market beginning June 2011. 

The company, known for its power tools, is getting into the hand tool category for the first time with products that include utility knives, pliers, wrenches, tape measures, hammers, saws and toolboxes, among others.

The new hand tool line has been "rigorously tested on job sites across the country and incorporates feedback we’ve received from the people who use these tools every day to earn a living," said Tracie Gildea, director of global brand marketing.

Among the more than 100 products offered in the line, five of the most innovative tools include a 15-oz. Framing Hammer, a 1.25-in., 25-ft. Short Tape, a Power Tool Case with Tote, a Folding Retractable Utility Knife and multiple Heavy-Duty Adjustable Wrenches.

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