DeWalt brings cordless tool production back home

DeWalt's "Built in the USA" logo.

After beginning production early last month at its Charlotte Manufacturing Operations facility, DeWalt has announced the expansion of its Made in USA product offerings to include over 600 cordless power tools, hand tools and accessories.

"Our users are professional contractors and builders themselves," said DeWalt Professional Power Tools president Frank Mannarino. "When given the option, most prefer to spend their money on a product that is built in the USA because it's in line with what they do on a daily basis -- building America. There's a great deal of pride that goes into making things at home -- we're thrilled to bring some jobs back to the U.S. and reconnect with our users."

The cordless power tools have been in production at the company's revamped 75,000-sq.-ft. facility in Charlotte. The move is expected to create more than 250 new jobs.

"DeWalt is a global brand with American roots," said Jim O'Sullivan, president of retail operations. "Our goal is for the impact of our products that are built in the USA with materials from around the globe to be felt beyond the Charlotte Manufacturing Operations facility. We are committed to rebuilding the American economy through job creation, not only in the Carolinas, but for those who continue to build our country -- U.S. Veterans. This year alone, DeWalt has committed to hiring more than 100 veterans."

Though production has moved to the U.S., the company is still using global materials in the manufacture of the products.

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