Detectives looking to arrest roofing supplier

A Texas roofing supplier that allegedly stiffed ABC Supply for $64,534 -- resulting in liens being filed on 17 homeowners -- is facing 17 felony theft charges, according to an article in the Tribune-Review.

Steven Kyle Hunt of Waxahachie, Texas, listed as the owner of Prime Roofing Systems, received $64,534.62 in payments for shingles and other roofing materials from 17 property owners in Southwestern Pennsylvania but failed to pay ABC Supply for the materials delivered to each residence, according to court documents.

Wisconsin-based ABC Supply eventually filed liens against the property owners for the unpaid bills, which range from $2,184.71 to $10,974.65. Westmoreland County detectives began investigating Hunt, who also goes by the name Kyle Hunt, after being contacted by some of the homeowners.

Police in Texas were provided the arrest warrant for Hunt, and detectives are waiting for a response, according to the report. Hunt will be extradited to Westmoreland County once he is in custody.

Prime Roofing was one of many contractors who arrived in Westmoreland County in March 2011 following a tornado and hailstorm that caused damage throughout the area, according to the newspaper.

The incident has sparked legislation in the Pennsylvania State Capitol, where a bill was recently introduced into the House of Representatives that would protect homeowners from mechanics' liens filed by subcontractors if the homeowners paid the contractor in full.

Under the bill, a property owner would file a notice when work starts, which would require all subcontractors and suppliers to provide owners with notice of the work they are performing or the materials they are providing. These notices might be filed through a website. Ohio has a similar law.

The Pennsylvania House is scheduled to vote on the bill in the next month and then move it on for consideration in the Senate.

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