Denver Lumber honored by U.S. Senator

U.S. Senator Mark Udall (D-Colorado) commended Denver Lumber for stocking and selling beetle-killed lumber for construction -- and called on home builders and other lumber distributors to do the same. 

"Denver Lumber is filling a much-needed niche in Colorado by supplying beetle-killed wood to home builders,” Udall said in a statement. “I applaud their leadership in putting beetle kill to use and supporting rural economies that depend on our forests." 

The senator pointed out that the Mountain West has millions of acres of beetle-killed trees turning into fuel for wildfires and endangering communities. “Using beetle-killed wood products in home construction is a creative solution that creates multiple wins for Colorado.” Udall added. “It helps clear forests of dead and dying trees, protects public safety, and stimulates jobs in the lumber, forest-management and construction industries across our state.” 

Udall last year called on Colorado home builders to use beetle kill at an event showcasing a home built by New Town Builders, a Denver builder of energy-efficient homes that has pledged to use pine-beetle wood in constructing its homes. Denver Lumber gets its stock from the Intermountain Resources mill, one of the sawmills that was able to renegotiate its timber contracts last year after Udall worked with the U.S. Forest Service to free them from burdensome, pre-recession agreements.

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