Delta reports higher traction on H2Okinetic technology

Boston -- Delta's innovative H2Okinetic Technology enjoyed its share of the spotlight at the Orgill Market. The innovation, launched a couple years ago and in the process of gaining traction, was prominently displayed at the Delta booth here.

National account manager Christopher Conlisk said that the company has increased advertising coverage of the new H2Okinetic Technology in an effort to increase its market presence.

"We've improved the showering experience while maintaining a water-efficient product that uses less gallons per minute," he said. "The water droplets are larger so it feels like a higher volume of water, but you're actually using less water overall."

H2Okinetic Technology, which is present in Delta's In2ition Two in One Shower Head and some of its tub and shower valves, uses special chips positioned in the shower head to move the water in a unique pattern, which conserves water without downgrading the end-user experience.

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