In defiance of leaves: FXI promotes Leaf Defier

FXI's Leaf Defier system.

Media, Pa.-based FXI Building Products is promoting its Leaf Defier as a product that is both green and effective as a gutter protection system. 

Recently awarded the “Green Buildings Product Seal” from due to its ability to meet several green and high-performance building criteria, Leaf Defier has also prevents sags and related gutter damage as well as overflows that can lead to landscape erosion, foundation cracking and other structural failures.

Designed with high-performance urethane polymers, Leaf Defier was designed by FXI Building Products to easily fit into nearly any gutter to ensure leaves, twigs, pine needles and other possible obstructions and animal food sources are kept from entering and clogging the system. Water flows through the foam filter insert, into the gutter valley and out the downspout to virtually eliminate overflows and the collection of stagnant water that can also attract breeding insects and feeding animals.


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