Deck Demon demolishes decks

From Angel-Guard Products, a demolition tool is designed to take apart decks, and fast.

The Deck Demon.

Las Vegas -- Necessity is the mother of invention. 

Jon Nolle is a contractor who needed to take down a deck and fast. His solution: a two-pronged demolition bar that fits over the joist and provides the mechanical advantage to pry up the boards on decks. 

Nolle was demonstrating his invention – the Deck Demon – here at the National Hardware Show in the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

The head of the tool fits over single or double joists. And both prongs of the product 

The Deck Demon is a product of Angel-Guard Products. 

“The head is wide enough to fit over the boards, but its narrow enough to maintain its strength,” Nolle said. 

Both prongs of the red demo tool are designed to remove nails, too. The product weighs about 11 pounds. 


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