Dealer-turned-commando stops alleged thief

The owner of a hardware store in Everett, Wash., determined to get back a high-end nail gun, took a wild ride through traffic on March 7 but eventually accomplished his mission with the help of bystanders and some duct tape.

The story, published in the Herald Net, began when Rick Wilson saw a man leave Manor Hardware and Construction Supply with a $400 nail gun he had allegedly not purchased. Wilson chased the suspect to his car, and when the suspect began to drive off, Wilson reached in to grab the keys. 

As a former first sergeant for an Army Reserve psychological operations unit who has spent four years in combat zones fighting insurgents, Wilson was not about to give up. He continued to wrestle with the driver, who threw an occasional punch his way as they swerved through traffic.

Wilson was eventually able to grab the steering wheel and veer the car off the road. Other drivers surrounded the vehicle to block it in. The suspect then fled on foot, with Wilson in pursuit. He was tackled, and a crowd of bystanders helped truss up the alleged thief with duct tape provided by a nearby business. 

The suspect, Gary Sargent, 28, was booked into the Snohomish County Jail for investigation of second-degree robbery. His bail was set at $25,000.

Wilson told the Herald Net that his wife was angry with him but it was all worth it because, “I just don’t like thieves.”

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