Dealer named in drywall suit

ASouth Dakota couple who claim their house was built with toxic drywall has named ProBuild, along with manufacturer US Gypsum, as defendants in a federal lawsuit, according to an article in the Daily Republic.

Brandon and Renae Gades of Mitchell, S.D., claim that they made extensive renovations to their home using drywall that was contaminated by sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances. These contaminants resulted in health problems and emotional distress, they allege.

The couple said they moved out of the home after their toddler had a seizure in April 2009. They claim that their home is now "valueless."

US Gypsum produced the drywall, according to the court record. UBC/ProBuild is listed as a building supply center owned by ProBuild Holdings.

USG denies that any of the company's drywall installed in the Gades home contains any harmful substance, the newspaper reported.

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