Dealer dodges credit card scam

Credit card criminals appear to be targeting pro dealers and home centers to separate them from valuable power tools.

Tom Smart, paint manager at the Amenia, N.Y. location of pro dealer H.G. Page & Sons, alerted Home Channel News to a fraud attempt involving an operater-assisted-phone call, a credit card purchase and an overnight delivery of a $700 miter saw.

Before the order was shipped, FedEx’s security division contacted Smart and described the purchase as fraudulent, he said.

“Apparently, we’re not the first store where this happened,” Smart said. “This month it seems to be miter saws.”

The scam artists use the operator-assisted call for the hearing impaired as a way to prevent tracking of the call.

The fraudulent call came to the Amenia store in Dutchess County on Tuesday. “Naturally, it happens when we’re busy at the counter,” he said.

Smart alerted H.G. Page’s Poughkeepsie, N.Y. headquarters and the Dutchess County sheriff. If similar calls come in, the store employees have been advised to get a mailing address and a telephone number and tell the caller that the store will call back to complete the order. “If it’s not legitimate, you find out real fast,” Smart said.

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