D.C. Hotline: Pushing back

With the elections over and the Republicans having gained the majority in the House and having made significant gains in the Senate, many in Washington have witnessed a change in the tone of legislative activity. 

In the spirit of the times and with what appears to be a more favorable Congress, the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA) recently urged members of Congress to conduct investigations of the most onerous existing and proposed federal regulations that are hurting job creation and economic growth. The EPA’s Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule — with its poor consumer awareness and inadequate test kits — is a main target.

The rule continues to create turmoil in the installed sales business and with many dealers’ customers. 

The NLBMDA also intends to combat three OSHA proposals that may negatively impact dealers: 
1.) OSHA’s initial efforts to develop a combustible dust standard for general industry; 2.) OSHA’s recent proposal that would mandate a standard for employers’ safety and health programs, referred to as an Injury and Illness Prevention Program; and 3.) OSHA’s recent effort to revise its noise reduction requirements.

All represent costly and excessive policies with little or no benefits.

Jeremy Stine is manager of 
government and public affairs for the NLBMDA (dealer.org).

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