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Cleared for delivery

It’s nice to report some good news, for a change.

On Aug. 9, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued its final rule on cranes and derricks in construction. In it, the vast majority of the NLBMDA’s suggested changes were incorporated. The final rule will exempt articulating/knuckle-boom truck cranes from the extensive requirements of the rule when building material dealers are delivering materials to job sites and placing them on the ground or hoisting them onto a construction platform when equipped with a properly functioning automatic overload prevention device.

Without this exemption, articulating/knuckle-boom trucks would have been subject to the same requirements as tower cranes, including crane operator certification, training, site assessment and inspections, among others. The rule would have also required an additional signal person on site.

Thanks to this exemption, LBM dealers will likely save thousands of dollars and have one less regulation to keep them up at night.

Jeremy Stine is manager of government and public affairs for the NLBMDA (dealer.org).

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