DAP patch solves drywall problems

The Presto Patch holds up strong by literally replacing damaged drywall.

DAP is rolling out several new products this year, among which is the Presto Patch, a drywall repair solution that provides a hardier alternative to many of its traditional counterparts.

The Presto Patch is a pre-cut drywall circle attached to oversized taping paper with a matching foam template.

Repairing holes up to 3 7/8-inch or 6 7/8 inch in standard half-inch drywall, the Presto Patch can be easily installed by cutting the hole to size with the template and slipping the circle into place, which adheres at the edges. After plastering the paper down to the wall, it can then be sanded down and painted over.

The Presto Patch was developed in response to a growing demand for drywall repair solutions that would hold up in heavily trafficked areas, such as behind doorknobs that may cause (and repeat) damage.

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