Crescent introduces latest multi-purpose tool

Crescent SwitchBlade combines multiple tools into one for DIY enthusiasts.

Crescent, the hand tool brand from Apex Tool Group, launched its Crescent SwitchBlade, a new multi-purpose tool consisting of a handle base with four interchangeable heads, each of which serves a different cutting or gripping purpose. There is a multi-purpose blade, a heavy-duty straight cutting blade, a cable cutting blade and a bonus plier head. The different heads can be changed out easily in about five seconds. 

The high-functioning serrated multi-purpose blade cuts rope, shingles, vinyl tiles or siding, plastics and more. It comes with an integrated bottle opener, a single strand soft wire cutter and wire bending holes. The straight cutting blade is ideal for metal duct work and gutters, while the cable-cutting blade cuts various wires and cables.  The standard plier head includes large and small gripping teeth and an integrated wire cutter.   

“This compact tool offers numerous cutting and gripping capabilities at one attractive price,” said Griffin Biering, product manager for Crescent. “We know DIY enthusiasts like to accomplish more with less. This compact hard-working tool does the job of four. If purchased separately, the tools would cost nearly triple the price.”  

The Crescent SwitchBlade also offers a convenient one-hand latch operation and dual material grips, which provide added comfort for the end user. The hang hole on the handle makes for easy storage.    

The suggested retail price for the Crescent Switch Blade 4-piece set is $24.99. The set includes a nylon pouch for easy component storage that can readily be connected to a belt.  

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