Couples choosing grills, power tools in bridal registries

A growing number of engaged couples are listing home-improvement products in their gift registries, according to a just released survey by and More than 12,000 couples with 2010 wedding dates were polled in the annual survey. Highlights include:

On average, engaged couples register at three retail stores, and 3% of the respondents registered at Home Depot in 2010. This compares to 2% in 2009. 

• 43% registered for grilling, barbeque, and outdoor entertainment Items, compared to 39% in 2009. 

• 20% registered for yard/lawn care/patio items, compared to 19% in 2009. 

• 16% registered for power tools. In 2009, the number was 18%. 

• 66% registered for home appliances (irons, vacuums, fans, etc.), unchanged from 66%. 

• kitchen appliances/electrics and bakeware were the most popular gifts, at 91% and 90%, respectively.

Engaged couples are using wedding Web sites and social networking platforms like Facebook more often for their registries. The average family gift spend is $146. For friends, gifts generally average $79.

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