Consumers buying banned pesticides online

A warning issued on March 22 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that U.S. consumers can still purchase harmful home and garden insecticides over the Internet. 

More than 2,800 customers across the United States have purchased an ant control product called “Fast Ant Bait” through, according to the EPA. The product contains mirex, a pesticide that was banned in 1978 because it can cause liver, skin, reproductive and nerve damage.

The EPA became aware of the product after the Washington State Department of Health reported that a woman became ill after using it in her home. In response, the EPA identified and warned three online companies,, CCNow and eBay to cease processing orders for the product that was produced and mailed from China. The three companies cooperated and immediately ceased processing orders. Consumers can no longer purchase products from, the original site that offered the product for sale.  

The companies also worked with the EPA to provide sales information, which allowed the agency to contact customers directly about the dangers posed by the pesticide and proper disposal methods. 

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