At Coney Island boardwalk: it's wood vs. wood-alternative

Emotions are running high over the building materials to be used to replace Coney Island, N.Y.'s famous boardwalk, according to an article in the New York Times.

While community members clamor for wood to be used to repair stretches of the 2.7 mil boardwalk, authorities are suggesting easier-to-maintain non-wood alternatives.

Arguments for and against real wood boards are plentiful, and are represented by the following:  "It’s like putting a piece of plastic into a diamond ring, and this is our jewel,” Rob Burstein, the chairman of the Coney-Brighton Boardwalk Alliance, was quoted as saying. Also: “Suggesting that you can only have wooden Boardwalks because that’s what they were originally built of is like saying you should only have cobblestone streets,” Adrian Benepe, parks commissioner, was quoted as saying.

The city's suggested plan calls for $6.85 million to replace 60,110 square feet of boardwalk with wood-alternative planks. 

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