Computer glitch results in free HD merchandise

Some shoppers at received an unexpected bargain on Dec. 13 when a software snafu resulted in free or deeply discounted purchases. According to an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, an online promotion for $101 off a specific appliance was mistakenly applied to every order placed on the retailer’s website. If the shopping cart totaled $101 or less, e-customers didn’t have to pay for their order.

Home Depot isn’t saying how long the super discount lasted, but estimates put the time period at only a few minutes. The number of shoppers involved was not large, according to the company, which declined to provide specifics.

“It was a short, immaterial blip, but we hope it was a nice holiday surprise for a few customers,” company spokesman Stephen Holmes told the newspaper. Home Depot honored the accidental discount and sent customers an email to confirm it.

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