Company adopts a $17 minimum wage

Garden Grove, Calif.-based Earth Friendly Products, the manufacturer of ECOS laundry detergent and other all-natural cleaning products, is increasing its minimum wage to $17 per hour in honor of Earth Day this year.

Additionally, the company will continue providing a bonus worth one week's pay for both Earth Day and Labor Day to all employees.

The move backs the company's ideal of a sustainable, fair and responsible work environment, first established by founder Van Vlahakis in 1967.

"As the daughter of an immigrant father, I believe in establishing a livable hourly wage, rather than a minimum hourly wage for our employees," said EVP Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks. "The memory of those early days in poverty, including a few stays in homeless shelters, always resonated with my father Van Vlahakis, the Founder of Earth Friendly Products, and led him to make this change across all of our employees’ wages. We consider our employees to be very much a part of the company's success since we opened our first facility in 1967. To our knowledge, this new $17/hour minimum wage is the highest of any national company in America. To us, it is just smart business, proving that a company can be good stewards of the environment, treat its employees with dignity and be strong, stable and profitable.”

Other employee perks include a $2,500 subsidy to purchase a hybrid or other green vehicle, as well as $2,000 toward solar panels for their homes. There's also a $1,000 relocation incentive for employees who move closer to the company facility to lower their carbon footprints.

According to the company, roughly 44% of its 300-person staff will enjoy the boost in some capacity.

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