Columbia Lighting tackles low ceiling LED needs

Pictured: the LPT Premium Sensed Striplight.

Columbia Lighting (a subset of Hubbell Lighting) has answered the call for a low-ceiling LED lighting solution.

The three new energy-efficient fixtures, launched Tuesday, include the LWC Premium Wraparound, the LPT Premium Lensed Striplight and the LRO Lensed Striplight.

All three models are available in multiple color temperatures and can be surface-mounted or suspended. They also provide color rendering of 82 CRI.

The LWC model is designed to compete, efficiency-wise, with market alternatives. The fixture is available in lumen packages ranging from 2,400 to 4,700 nominal lumens with an efficacy up to 96 LPW. It delivers 50,000 hours of smooth, non-pixelated illumination.

The LPT model is meant to replace outdated fluorescent fixtures; the LRO performs the same as the LPT, but is the design match for the company's LAW and AWN fixtures. They, too, deliver 50,000 hours of illumination, according to the company.

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