Cleveland hardware store goes out in a big way

A neighborhood fixture is shutting its doors in Cleveland, but not before donating its entire inventory to the Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity.

Rudy Rosales, the 74-year-old owner of Rudy's Hardware in Cleveland's Slavic Village, is making sure his retirement isn't wasted on the community at large.

According to, the 10,000-sq.-ft. store has been serving the neighborhood with hard-to-find products and a generous spirit for 54 years. Now, its stock will go toward all manner of causes, including the fixing up of nearby homes and the stocking of Habitat's construction warehouse. Some will also be sold at Habitat's nearby output ReStore, where the proceeds go toward building more homes.

Rosales has been ruling the roost since he bought the store in his early 20s. He had spent some time in the Army and was hoping to leave his desk job for an opportunity to open a hardware store. Luckily, his friend knew someone for him to talk to. 

Even though he started with nothing -- he had to mortgage his family's house to buy the store -- the business was soon up and running, thanks in large part to the contractors who were in the midst of building high-rise office buildings in the 60s and 70s.

It was only when his business partner Norm Farr decided to retire this year that Rosales decided to close the book on this chapter.

His post-retirement plans? He plans to volunteer to deliver meals to senior citizens or drive them to doctor's appointments.

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