Circular of the Week

Circular of the Week: Billings Hardware

This week, Billings, Mont.-based Billings Hardware is helping its customers prep for fall, with deals on lawn winterizer, fall plant bulbs and Stihl chainsaws and leaf blowers. The one-page add also draws attention to planting fall trees and offers more than 300 varieties.

Hot Deals

• Hardware Hank Winterizer lawn fertilizer for $7.99; • A case of Ball Pint Jars for $6.99; and • Linzer eight-piece professional paint set for $12.99.

The Skinny: Winter food prep

With more and more people growing their own food, it only makes sense that canning and long-term food storage items crop up in hardware stores. Billings offers 12 products in this week’s circular aimed at preserving food, be it making jerky or canning fruits and vegetables.

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