Circular of the Week

Circular of the Week: McGuckin Hardware

This weekend, Boulder Colo.-based McGuckin Hardware held its Labor Day sales event, despite the fact it wasn’t open on Labor Day. Though it's only one page, the circular distinguishes products through topic headers like "Go-Get-It-Gadget" and "Go-Eco-Green-Item," and of course "Hot Buys."

The colorful advertisement features a little bit of everything, and puts large-ticket and big-discount items in much larger font to catch the eye.

Hot Deals

• 2 packs of 15-lb. Kingsford charcoal briquettes for $5.99; • Dirt Guard auto wash system for $7.49; and • Custom pet tag engraving for $5.99.

The Skinny: "Follow us on"

McGuckin Hardware makes no bones about social networking: They’re on board. The company has placed the networking trademarks top center on its circular, showing the potential power of print to bolster online social networking.

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