Christmas card captures the year that was

Unofficially, Mel Gerstein’s Christmas card is one of the widest read holiday-cards-slash-political-cartoons in the entire home improvement industry.

This year’s card -- designed, written and created again by Mahwah, N.J.-based Thermwell Products President Mel Gerstein -- hit mailboxes across the country recently. Many of the usual suspects are featured, along with some new names, like NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

Spying is the central theme of the artwork this year. Along with Santa Claus, a smiling President Obama is apologizing, apparently for spying on 35 world leaders. 

On Santa’s lap, a child wields a wish list that includes: a new spycam, toy drones and, of course, Twitter stock. 

Gerstein has been drawing his own holiday card since the mid 1960s, and the list of recipients has grown to include several thousand people, both in and out of the home improvement industry.

Inside, the card reads: “Have a safe and secure 2014.” 


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