CertainTeed's spray-on FortiCel fights mold

Through the introduction of the FortiCel Mold Prevention System, CertainTeed is providing building professionals and homeowners with long-term protection against mold growth. 

Backed by a  25-year warranty, FortiCel is a topical spray-on application that can be used on virtually all interior construction surfaces, including dimensional lumber, steel studs, concrete and floor joists. 

“Protection against mold growth is paramount to healthy, long-lasting homes and buildings, and FortiCel offers the industry’s strongest defense against the degrading effects, as well as costs associated with mold,” said Paul Valle, president of CertainTeed Insulation. “FortiCel helps to improve the indoor air quality of a home, provides peace of mind to builders with a mold-free warranty, and equips contractors with a value-added service they can offer to their customers.”

FortiCel provides a finished surface on all building components that will prevent any growth from taking place. Once applied, FortiCel will dry in 20 minutes to an hour and will not wash off or degrade. 

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