CertainTeed to settle class action lawsuit


CertainTeed has announced its intention to settle a class action lawsuit over a line of asphalt shingles manufactured from 1987 to 2005. The organic shingles, made with a felt reinforcement material, were allegedly subject to premature failure or did not perform up to the expectations of end users.

CertainTeed denies these allegations and asserts that the vast majority of the shingles are free of any defect and will last throughout the warranty period. The parties have agreed to the settlement to avoid the expense, inconvenience and distraction of further litigation, according to CertainTeed’s press release.

The shingles in question, sold under the brand names Hallmark Shangle, Independence Shangle, Horizon Shangle, Custom Sealdon, Custom Sealdon 30, Sealdon 20, Sealdon 25, Hearthstead, Solid Slab, Master Slab, Custom Saf-T-Lok/Saf-T-Lok and the Custom Lok 25, were distributed mainly in the upper Midwestern states and in Canadian provinces north of those states. CertainTeed no longer manufactures these shingles.

The settlement, which still must be approved by a U.S. District Court judge in Philadelphia, will provide enhanced compensation for the removal and replacement of organic shingles during the warranty period. The amount paid per claimant will depend upon a number of factors. A hearing date has been set for June 8, 2010. A Web site, CertainTeedShingleSettlement.com, has been set up for potential claimants.


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