CertainTeed, Aerialogics offer customized aerial measurement tools

CertainTeed has announced it will be employing Aerialogics’ aerial measurement technology across a number of corporate estimating, warranty and strategic account applications.

CertainTeed will also provide customized aerial measurement services to its credentialed roofing contractors as an in-house professional estimating tool, which reduces estimating costs and increases efficiency and productivity. 

“Aerial measurement services are a cost-effective solution that we are excited to extend to our credentialed contractors and utilize internally as a component of corporate incentive programs, warranty documentation and solar estimating,” said Jay Butch, director of contractor programs at CertainTeed. “We are also pleased Aerialogics will fully customize their services for our credentialed contractors, making it easy for them to adopt aerial measurements to lower estimating costs, improve project planning and communication, reduce waste, and increase close ratios with custom reports being effective presentation tools.”

Aerialogics is a supplier of aerial measurement services to the U.S. roofing and insurance industries.

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