A celebrity before-and-after

The BroLaws and Regal ideas take home a prize on a backyard makeover.

HGTV Celebrity Builders, the BroLaws, and Regal ideas joined forces to create the winning entry at the 2017 Remodeling Show for “Best Before and After project.”

The winning backyard transformation showcased an example of converting a typical residential yard into something special with materials readily available at any local home improvement retailer.

“This recognition is especially meaningful to us because it was an audience-voted award,” said Ernie Couillard, executive VP for Regal ideas Inc. “Recognition was given by the contractors and builders that represent one of our largest target audiences.” “Being able to work with the Brolaws on such an incredible backyard transformation, and to see how our brands brought this project together, was very inspirational.”

The BroLaws installed 11 sections of tempered glass railing in less than an hour. The BroLaws are brothers-in-law Joey Fletcher and David Kenny, whose remodeling work appears on home improvement shows such as “Decked Out,” “Deck Wars” and “Home to Win.”

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