Celebrating a home niche

New York — Home improvement retailers are embracing the houseware category, and they’re finding success, according to the International Housewares Association, host of a recent Hot Housewares for the Holidays event held here. New products ranged from the colorful to the eco-friendly, and they’re finding their way into hardware stores, if they’re not already there. The following housewares are expected to generate interest this year across channels.


Purelast Measuring Spoon and Cups
Architec, architecproducts.com

Purelast measuring spoons and cups are made from 80% natural materials, such as rice hull, ground bamboo and sesame oil. Both sets are available in red, blue, yellow, natural and green.


Energizer iSurge Charging Station
Energizer, energizer.com

This new surger features three surge-protected AC outlets, One Amp USB Charging Port and an Apple-certified 30 pin charging dock. It can power up to five devices at once. In addition, the wall plug rotates 180 degrees. The station also includes a built-in night-light and on/off switch.


Racor Ladder Lift
Racor, racorinc.com

The Racor Ladder Lift is an easy way to safely store a ladder overhead, freeing up garage space. The user can lift and lower a 150-lb. ladder up to 12 ft. It uses a rope-and-pulley system with a fixed hook that is mounted in the ceiling; this makes an 80-lb. ladder feel like 10 lbs. The Ladder Lift also features a locking mechanism that holds the rope in place to prevent accidental release.


Guy Fieri Cookware
Lifetime Brands, lifetimebrands.com

Lifetime Brands and Food Network celeb Guy Fieri have developed a variety of cookware for the holidays. The decorative aluminum nonstick skillets feature artwork from Fieri’s own personal tattoo artist Joe Leonard; there are five available designs. Also included in the collection are: stainless steel fry pans, hard anodized fry pans, porcelain enamel cast iron and lightweight cast iron fry pans, and dutch ovens.


Maytag Premium Irons
Maytag, maytag.com

The iron’s heating technology allows the user to start ironing in less than a minute and regenerating steam bursts in less than three seconds. The precision-adjustable thermostat delivers the right temperature for the fabric being ironed. Other features include a removable water tank, variable steam control and extra-long power cord.


Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers
Inno-Labs, firewiregrilling.com

This flexible grilling skewer can be loaded with food, coiled up and placed in a bowl or bag to marinate. Once the Fire Wire is placed on the grill, the pointed end hangs off the edge and stays cool to the touch. No need for tools or tongs — the griller can grab the cool end and flip it to ensure both sides of the food are evenly cooked.


Blossom Trivet
Spice Ratchet Mills, spiceratchet.com

Blossom, the silicone, flower-shaped kitchen gadget, can be used as a trivet, coaster, hot mitt, hot pad and more. Stacking two or more inside of or on top of one another creates a mat for a vase or centerpiece. It is available in black, red, flame orange and kiwi green. In addition, it contracts and stacks for easy storage.


Primula Flavor It Beverage System
Epoca International, epoca.com

This 3-in-1 beverage system brews and infuses hot and cold drinks. The 2.9-liter pitcher features a Tea Infuser, Fruit Infuser and Ice Core, which keeps beverages cool without diluting them with ice. The pitcher is made with BPA-free material, which is odor-, taste- and stain-resistant. The no-spill locking lid allows the pitcher to be stored upright or on its side.


Schmidt Brothers Cutlery
Hudson Home Group, schmidtbrotherscutlery.com 

Made with 100% German stainless steel, this cutlery features its patented Schmidt Brothers Curve for balance and safety. The lightweight Titan 22, 15-piece set is titanium-coated and has an ergonomic soft-grip handle. The Downtown Block features a wood design, acrylic protection covers, double-sided magnets and display, and universal knife storage of up to 16 knives.

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