Canadian Tire to delve further into financial services

Canadian Tire has announced the launch of its “One-and-Only” combined checking, savings and mortgage account for homeowners. The new product will allow users to fold all three into one financial product, according to the company.

The goal is to allow consumers to pay off debts faster, the company said, while consumers who open the account also will be able to earn bonus Candian Tire “money” for purchase of goods at the home improvement and automotive products retailer.

"We know from our consumer and market research that as the size of the average mortgage continues to grow, so does every Canadian's desire to pay off that debt as quickly as possible," said Marco Marrone, president of Canadian Tire Financial Services.

Canadian Tire jointly launched the Web site, to show consumers where and how they can save money with the One-and-Only account. The site includes a tool to help see how consumers can pay off their mortgages quicker, called the “Mortgage-Free Faster Tool.”

Canadian Tire operates more than 1,100 stores and gas stations in Canada. The company offers other financial services, including its “Canadian Tire Options MasterCard” and the Canadian Tire Auto Club, which offers emergency roadside assistance services.

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