In California, pernicious regulation rides again

The California State Water Resources Control Board is proposing new regulations on stormwater runoff and containment that the Lumber Association of California & Nevada (LACN) has called "controversial, costly and unfair."

According to Ken Dunham, LACN executive director, the regulations affect lumberyards and any business with a physical outside yard. LACN Government Affairs Chair and LACN Second VP Augie Venezia presented his views and those of the LACN at an Aug. 17 workshop organized by the Water Resources Control Board.

"The irresponsible, arbitrary, unscientific and flawed proposed storm water runoff regulations could well be the final straw for many California businesses," said Venezia, president of Fairfax Lumber & Hardware Co., located in Fairfax, Calif. 

Read Venezia's full statement here.

Dunham further objected to the rules on the grounds that they were arbitrary, unproven and unsound. 

"It is interesting to see the number of California municipal governments that are telling the board much the same as private business -- that the rules are too costly, not clearly drafted and without clear benefits," Dunham told members in the LACN's newsletter. "It was disconcerting to see the chair of the Water Board and one member, whom you would assume are listening objectively to the comments, make statements that they didn’t care about the cost and they 'intend to move forward' on the rules. So much for objectivity."


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