Buffalo Tools pumps up benefits of 7,000-watt LPG

Sportsman Series Liquid Propane Generator

Central to the Buffalo Tools booth at the Orgill Market was the Sportsman Series Liquid Propane Generator, a 7,000-watt LPG that's among the top five selling generators on HomeDepot.com.

Though LPG has existed in 3,500-watt generators, the company claims to be the first to launch a 7,000-watt generator about a year and a half ago.

Among the benefits of liquid propane is safer storage (compared with gasoline). Liquid propane is also more expedient for use in power outages. Additionally, regular gasoline contains ethanol, which can clog up the carborator over time. Liquid propane evaporates and minimizes maintenance. 

National account manager Jonathan Aubuchon also cited the generator's reduced noise levels. 

"We were doing an outdoor show and I had a couple generators there, and a guy had a lawnmower next to me," he said. "The lawnmowers were louder than the generators. A big complaint with generators is the noise."

The Sportsman Series LPG is available at HomeDepot.com, Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, Wayfair and more for an average retail price of $899.

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