Brick Industry promotes 'green' bricks

The Reston, Va.-based Brick Industry Association (BIA) is promoting the green benefits of clay bricks. 

A release titled "Brick offers growing options for sustainable homes," pointes to several options for greater sustainability through the use of bricks.

Among them are:

• Brick exteriors for energy efficiency/savings on fuel bills: brick’s exceptional thermal mass allows it to absorb and store heat to release at a later time, reducing the load on the home’s heating and cooling system;

• Using salvaged brick: a growing trend among builders, brick is one of the few materials that building codes actually allow to be reused in a building application and keeps materials out of landfill; and

• Low-emitting materials: using brick throughout the house provides wall and floor surfaces that do not require paint or coatings.

As a versatile building material made from abundant natural resources, brick delivers on all fronts,” BIA President and CEO Gregg Borchelt said. “Brick’s flexibility and inherent green benefits help builders and architects achieve maximum sustainability and greater homeowner value with reduced environmental impact."

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